Kaoru Shimada

I learned art and illustration outside of formal institutions, taking inspiration from museums, galleries, books, contemporary artists, philosophy, music, and people on the street.


Kaoru is Tokyo and Copenhagen based `self taught` artist, Illustrator/picture book author

Born in Tokyo, Japan.

Working in Tokyo,Edinburgh,London and Copenhagen.



Mr Dile Crocodile was born when she worked in Edinburgh.

Mr Dile Crocodile inspires her to paints and writes stories. 


Her other characters: [Dr Flagon and Drunken Ginger with reliable Piglet] and [Lazymaid]


Foot/hands/mind loose and keep moving on, just like playful children’s doodling. 

It is the essential mind set for whatever  she creates.





Published Picturebooks

  • One day                Kakusha 

  • DaDa                    Kakusha

  • Papas birthday      Kakusha

  • Lazymaid               Chukei Publishing 


Recent work`s

[Mr Dile Crocodile`s childhood] eBook by Henteko publishing

Contribute Essies / pictures to Absolutely London, web magazine.

Window display in Paris with mr Dile Crocodile.


Many Solo and Group exhibitions in Tokyo, London, Edinburgh.



What does she like??

Swimming, eating out with family and friends, taking a walk, daydreaming, reading, wine, studying Danish, traveling around the world, house decoration, sea, tree, and loves to collect heart shaped pebbles…